7)James Muirhead ~ 1st Janet Hamilton

{Nisbet p 265} This JAMES MUIRHEAD, the younger of Lachop, married Janet...by whom he had a Son, the Heir of the Family, viz. JAMES MUIRHEAD of Lachop, who being linked in Friendドip, Blood and Affinity with the Hamiltons, did フick firm to Queen Mary, when ドe fell in her Troubles;...In this Act there are a long Roll of Perバns, who had been engaged in the Rebellion againフ the young King, who are all now remitted and reフored; and among the reフ this Gentleman, James Muirhead of Lachop (c), was one. He married Janet Hamilton, Daughter of James Hamilton of Bothwelhaugh, who was a Brother of the Houテ of Orbiフoun (d)...
(Nisbet痴 note #c) Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, Page 287, by Mr. David Crawfurd younger of Drumブey, publiドed in the Year 1706.
(Nisbet痴 note #d) The Berbrief of the Gentlemen of the Houテ of Lachop, in the Regiフers in the Chancery.
(Note: Alexander Nisbet did not acknowledge James Muirhead痴 second wife, Margaret Cunninghame.)