On this page there are certain entries which give a genealogical researching tip e.g. "Remember something your grandfather told you about his father". Other entries include relationship strings denoting ancestors according to their relationship to you e.g. "Father's Mother". If you place your cursor overtop the relationship string, it should highlight in blue and become underlined, signifying that it is an active link. Click on the link and you will access a linked page on which you may enter data regarding that particular ancestor. By clicking on your browser's 'back' button, you will be returned to this page, and the relationship string will be changed to green.

   January 1

Give thanks and rejoice that you are a member of the family of mankind. Rather than dwell on all the differences between yours and other ethnic groups, marvel at all the similarities.

   January 2


   January 3


   January 4

Father's Father

   January 5

Father's Mother

   January 6

Mother's Father

   January 7

Look at old photographs of your ancestors. If they are still living, you should look at the old photographs in the company of one or both parents, or an aunt or uncle, or your grandparents so that they can tell you the names of the people in the photographs. And be sure to write those names on the backs of the photographs or mke a list so that you don't forget them ~ and can pass them on to your children.

   January 8

Mother's Mother

   January 9

Father's Father's Father

   January 10

Father's Father's Mother

   January 11

Remember something your grandfather told you about his father. If your father's father is still living, ask him to tell you about your father when he was your age.

   January 12

Father's Mother's Father

   January 13

Ask an aunt to tell you a secret she and your mother kept when they were young.

   January 14

Father's Mother's Mother

   January 15

Mother's Father's Father

   January 16

Mother's Father's Mother

   January 17

Try to find out the occupations of all your aunts and uncles. Did an uncle work in a factory, wearing blue jeans and flanel shirt? Or did he make a living working in an office, wearing a white shirt and tie? Did your aunt spend her days homemaking? Or did she work in some business?
   Click on this icon to be taken to the website: Everyday Life In Mother Bedford During The Revolutionary War Period, where you will find additional information on the subject of some of the occupations in which our ancestors were engaged.

   January 18

Mother's Mother's Father

   January 19

Visit the hometead of an ancestor, and imagine their winters there.
   Click on this icon to be taken to the website: The Log Cabin, where you will find additional information on the subject of living in a log cabin during the colonial period.

   January 20

Mother's Mother's Mother

   January 21

Write down something you would like your great-grandchildren to remember about you. Do you want your descendants to know what your religious beliefs were, how you made a living, or what your favorite colors or foods were?

   January 22

Father's Father's Father's Father

   January 23

Visit a library and read a newspaper 100 years old or older as if it were today's edition. Think about how your ancestor might have reacted to the news of the day.

   January 24

Father's Father's Father's Mother

   January 25

Father's Father's Mother's Father

   January 26

Father's Father's Mother's Mother

   January 27

Father's Mother's Father's Father

   January 28

Father's Mother's Father's Mother

   January 29

Father's Mother's Mother's Father

   January 30

Father's Mother's Mother's Mother

   January 31

Write down the name of your favorite aunt or uncle and tell something about her/him.