The Holidays Celebrated In Colonial America

The King's Birthday

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  After the Glorious Revolution in 1688, the birthdays of the monarchs of Great Britain began to be celebrated throughout that country and her Colonies.

  The King's loyal subjects celebrated his birthday by lighting bonfires, shooting off fireworks and holding parades through the larger towns.

  During the Colonial Period, there were six monarchs who ruled over Great Britain and her Colonies. The dates of their births, of course, varied; and so the holiday celebrated as The King's Birthday changed with each monarch's reign.

  The following are the monarchs during the Colonial Period along with their birthdates:

William of Orange      27 May 1626

William III      04 November 1650

Anne      06 February 1665

George I      28 May 1660

George II      30 October 1683

George III      04 June 1738