10) Lilias Muirhead ~1st Walter Stewart (of Minto)
~2nd James Drummond (of Machany)

{Nisbet p 267} James Muirhead of Brediドolm, who... married Margaret Drummond,... by this noble Lady he had two Sons and a Daughter, viz.... Dame LILIAS, his eldeフ Daughter was firフ married to Sir Walter Stewart of Minto, then a Family of great Reputation for Quality and Eフate near Glaトow, which is now repreテnted by the Lord Blantyre, and after his Death to another very honourable Gentleman, who was the Lady痴 own firフ Couナn, viz. Sir James Drummond of Machany (g), Grandfather to the preテnt Viツount of Strathallan and Lord Maddertie.

(Nisbet痴 note #g) Contract and Marriage Articles in the Cuフody of Brediドolm.