8) James Muirhead ~ Margaret Drummond

{Nisbet p 267} His Son, alバ, of the Name of John,... He was ブcceede by his Son and Heir James Muirhead of Brediドolm, who, like his Father and Grandfather, was a Gentleman that had a peculiar Turn and Talent to Frugality and Management, and by that Means he raiテd up a good Eフate; and this doubtleピ, enabled him to make a very noble and illuフrious Alliance; for he married Margaret Drummond, Daughter of James, Commendator of Inchaffry, テcond Son of David Lord Drummond, and Dame Lilias Ruthven his Wife, Daughter of William Lord Ruthven, Anceフor to the Earls of Gowrie.

{Research performed by Diane Baptie, Member of ASGRA 2002} Testaments in Hamilton and Campsie Commissary Court include an entry for James Muirhead of Braideisholme dated 16 September 1633.

{Note: According to information derived from the Muirhead Clan Society genealogy database James Muirhead of Bredisholm married Margaret Drummond about 1619. Neither the source, nor the accuracy of this information is known.}