7) John Muirhead ~ ----- Oliphant

{Nisbet p 267} John Muirhead of Shawfutte, テcond Son of John Muirhead of Lachop by Jane his Wife,...His Son, alバ, of the Name of John,...he acquired from Archbiドop Spitiヘood, the Lands of Brediドolm, which is confirmed by a Charter under the Great Seal the firフ of March 1607 (d).

(Nisbet痴 note #d) Carta penes Brediドolm.

{Note: John M. Morehead claimed that this son of John Muirhead of Shawfutte, who acquired the estate of Bredisholm, was named James. He does not support it with any reference to a source, though. Perhaps he misidentified this individual with his son, James, who was known as 遷ames of Bredisholm. Or he obtained it from Burke痴 The Landed Gentry, where it is given as James. According to Diane Baptie, member ASGRA, 釘urke can be inaccurate. The Copies in the NAS have all sorts of pencilled corrections in the margins written by frustrated researchers!.媒