1) Sir Willielmo de Muirhead ~ Jean Hay

{Nisbet p 259-260} This Knight of MUIRHEAD, of the Houテ of Lachop, married Dame Jean Hay, Daughter of Sir William Hay of Lochernard, Anceフor of the Lords of Yeフer, and of the Earls and Marqueャes of Tweddale (c),...

(Nisbet痴 note #c) Manuツript Hiフory of the Houテ of Tweddale, in the Family of Tweddale.

{Note: According to information derived from the Muirhead Clan Society genealogy database, William Hay, the father of Jean resided in Lochairret, Yester in East Lothian, Scotland. His wife was Alicia, and they had, in addition to Jean, another daughter, Margaret, born circa 1404. Neither the source, nor the accuracy of this information is known.}