The fourth process of Conjunction consists of experimentation in balancing the essential art elements.

   ‘Practice makes perfect’ is an appropriate adage for this process. Only through diligent experimentation can the most effective procedure be discovered by the artist, The procedure in this case refers to the utilization of the knowledge of the basic elements attained in the process of Separation in order to combine them into a meaningful artistic statement.

   The idea of steady and moderate heat translates into a constant and persistently active drive by the artist. Mere knowledge of the basics and their attributes is not sufficient for the production of art; the artist needs to experiment constantly with the elements at various combinations in order to realize their total worth.

   Experimentation with the basic art elements should lead the artist toward a recognition of the vital composition elements. There are many elements which the form the sphere of composition. The most basic ones include visual direction (and flow), balance and dominance / subordination.




   All of the compositional elements must be orchestrated visually if the artist intends to produce a work which will sustain the viewer's attention. Mastery of composition will come only through studious experimentation with the basic design elements.