1776 Barree Township

Tax Assessment ~ Part 3


This image includes the top portion of the second page of the original 1776 tax assessment return for Barree Township, within Bedford County, showing the names of Renters.


Note: This image was scanned from a photocopy of the original 1776 tax assessment for Barree Township, within Bedford County. The originals of the tax assessment returns were stored, for many years, in Vault #1 in the basement of the Bedford County Court House. The webmaster of this site was given permission by the officials of the Bedford County Court system to photocopy the original returns in the 1980s. A year or two after the original returns were photocopied, a pipe burst in the vault in which the returns were stored, causing water damage to many records, and the original tax assessment returns were subsequently transferred to the Pioneer Historical Society of Bedford County for storage.

   The following is a transcription of the names of the Renters which appear on the 1776 Barree Township, Bedford County tax assessment return, as shown in the image above. It is as accurate as possible. Certain names are followed by a name in brackets { }. These are included in order to show how the names are spelled in the published Pennsylvania Archives (1897 Edition, Third Series, Volume XXII, Pages 133-137). Apparently, the compilers of the published Pennsylvania Archives decided that the names should be spelled the way they thought proper, rather than how the tax assessors and/or collectors actually spelled them. It should be noted that this group of names, which on this original document clearly shows the title of "Renters", is included in the published Pennsylvania Archives in the listing of Residents on page 134.

Michal Crider {Michael Cryder}
Jacob Hall
John Eeshbugh {John Ashbaugh}
Fredrick Eshbaugh {Frederick Ashbaugh}
Jacob Carpender {Jacob Carpenter}
Anthony Sill {Anthony Sell}
Lowdewick Sill {Ludwick Sell}
Samuel Gellspy {Samuel Gillespy}
Adam Potmesser {Adam Potmisser}
Nethenal Gerrett {Nathaniel Garrit}
george Riker {George Reeker}
John Morten {John Morton}
Isaic Warra {Isaac Warra}
Jacob Millor {Jacob Miller}
Ritchard Shorts {Richard Shorts}