1774 Cumberland Valley Township

Tax Assessment ~ Part 4

   This page includes a transcription from the published Pennsylvania Archives of the 1774 tax assessment return for Cumberland Valley Township, within Bedford County (1897 Edition, Third Series, Volume XXII, Pages 69-70). The original return for Cumberland Valley Township no longer is in existence in the archives maintained in Bedford County. The transcription is for the Non-Residents.

Benton, Wharton & Co
Cox & Co
Samuel Finley
Little & Co
Samuel Rhoads, Junr
William Peters & Co
William Thompson, Esq'r
Doctor Wm. Smith
Samuel Wallace
David Sample, Esq'r
Alexander Ross
Fraser & Co
George Woods, Esq'r
Lemuel Barrett
John Agnew, Esq'r
Scott, purchased of McCastlin